Jennifer Bowman 2014 Guest Instructor Great Alaskan Plein Air RetreatA message from Jennifer:

“I start with a demonstration and lots of information which includes handouts and pre-textured sheets to start some warm-up exercises.  My goal is to get you excited about exploring different ways to paint.

The class is aimed at the intermediate student and we explore color, value, composition and light. Using each of these elements we will sculpt three-dimensional elements using two-dimensional form. Acrylic a great medium for those that like to change their mind because it dries so fast, ..and you can put light colors over the top of dark colors!!!!  Acrylics are wonderful for adding dramatic color choices and really working the contrast of complimentary colors and values.

Like watercolorists, I usually experiment with color mixing using wet into wet washes. Layered glazes and additional wet into dry brush strokes are the intermediate stage of my paintings; with the third stage being built-up palette knife strokes.

Like Oil Artist, I get to layer light colors over darks and really punch up the color with lots of paint.  Unlike oils, acrylics dry in minutes instead of days or months.  I will show you multiple ways to work with this exceptionally versatile medium.

I like my students to see items in geometric form, simplifying them to their basic shapes.   Using a strong light source, we will learn to create three-dimensional qualities on two-dimensional paper.  We will learn about the color wheel and how to mix/make colors.  We will work on composition and its importance in balancing your image, and using concepts about rhythm, shapes and color you will be able to lead someone through your painting.

Values do all the work,, but color gets all the credit!!!

Learning about opposites and how they make a good painting work along with analyzing colors to see the cool and warm hues will be integral in this week’s training. Values will be emphasized.  Are your paintings weak and nondescript?  Is your subject not popping off the page?  We will push you past your threshold of wimpy painting and elevate you to a new bold and exciting level.

Available Workshops and Plein Air Outings with Jennifer during GAPAR 2014

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