Jack Richeson & Co. contributes in a large but also small way!

 With the addition of Jack Richeson & Co. to our fabulous list of sponsors comes an exciting new element to the retreat. We are tickled to include a Miniature Painting Competition!

Each artist participating in the event will be given a miniature panel for the medium of their choosing ( pastel boards, gesso’d hardboard, or watercolor sheets) from Richeson to be painted on between the morning of June 15th and the evening of June 18th. Entries will be judged and on display during the closing soiree and celebration on the evening of June 19th.

In addition to 2 generous door prize donations, they have donated a $125 award to the first place artist of the Miniature Competition.
If you haven’t already, check them out on Facebook and click ‘like’!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jack-Richeson-Co/148291088530830

Thank you to Jack Richeson & Co for your support! We can’t wait to see the masterpieces that result!

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